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Technology transfers - relocations

In the era of industry globalization, very often there is a migration of production systems in the area of ​​various production plants of a given concern.

To meet the needs of global players, we offer transfers and relocations of entire production lines as well as their components.

Our offer includes comprehensive services related to this scope of activity, which allows our clients to focus on planning their current and future activities and not focus on solving technological problems.

Having extensive experience in launching complete production lines designed according to specific customer requirements, we are an invaluable partner in the field of relocation of existing production equipment, because we are able to solve problems that arise during the start-up of the transferred line on an ongoing basis.

We offer:

  • technical consulting, analysis and concept development
  • production data acquisition systems
  • data analysis, processing and presentation,
  • data exchange between systems
  • MES systems
  • integration with ERP systems
  • selection of technical solutions for the integration of control systems
  • automating missing connections
  • network communications, IT systems
  • building new control systems, improving, modernizing
  • implementation of new applications, functional tests
  • optimization and system development

Integrated control systems make all production processes more efficient.

The main benefits of the system integration process in industrial automation are:

  • more efficient and effective production
  • immediate access to data
  • communication and data presentation
  • control over production processes
  • lowering production costs