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Project management

From idea to commissioning - comprehensive solutions in the field of automation and control regardless of the complexity of the project

When implementing investment projects, a very important element is proper project organization. It should be realized that the implementation of production control and management systems, especially in the context of parallel production, is a difficult project, often both for technical and organizational reasons. The only effective way to implement systems of this type, and to carry out large investments, is to organize the implementation or implementation into a project structure. Therefore, in our company, investments are carried out in accordance with the design principles, in line with the PRINCE2 methodology.

# Benefits of the design approach to investment implementation:

  • constant supervision of resources and finances
  • full control over the project
  • more security
  • minimizing investment risks
  • increasing the chances of the project's success
  • quality management and monitoring
  • planning all stages of the project
  • improvement of communication during investment implementation

# Project management is present at every stage of project implementation:

  • consulting and audit
  • design
  • contracting
  • training tests
  • after-sales service