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Design and implementation of a complete technological line for the production of moltoprene paint rollers. The proposed technological process has been developed entirely based on unique solutions on the market.



  1. Technical design of the machine
  2. Development of the control system
  3. Division of the technological process depending on technical requirements
  4. A selection of technological solutions
  5. Process waste optimization
  6. Development of adhesive technology



  1. Development of foam drilling pattern.
  2. Development of a scrap pick-up system after drilling.
  3. Development of a unique adhesive technology along with the design of special adhesive valves
  4. Development of a tube and slide assembly system
  5. Development of assembly of a tube for moltoprene foam
  6. Palletizing and depalletizing system for moltopren sheets
  7. Development of the foam undercutting system before stuffing the cylinder
  8. Moltopren roller ejection station
  9. Development of a system for notching the net painting cylinders
  10. Development of the cylinder chamfering system with the required radius



  1. Stable technological process
  2. Minimize waste
  3. A significant increase in the production efficiency at the customer's site with a significant reduction in the demand for the crew
  4. Possibility of smooth setting of process parameters

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