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Design and implementation of a complete system for the assembly of electrical connectors. The proposed technological process has been developed as unique in the world and ensures high flexibility of products entering the machine.



  1. Technical design of the machine
  2. Development of the control system
  3. Division of the technological process depending on technical requirements
  4. A selection of technological solutions
  5. Process waste optimization
  6. Development of lubrication technology
  7. Development of insert technology
  8. Development of technology for driving screws to the required delivery position



  1. Component loading station with reversible table.
  2. Sorting of screws and their positioning in charging magazines with the use of optical control and vibrating feeder.
  3. Segregation and positioning of inserts on a buffer tray using an optical control system and a vibrating feeder
  4. Grease dosing system using a volumetric system
  5. Interchangeable tooling, applicable depending on the manufactured product
  6. Electrical connector laser marking system with in-flight marking quality control
  7. Module for splitting the components OK and NOK.



  1. Stable technological process
  2. Minimize waste
  3. Optimize lubricant consumption
  4. Possibility of smooth setting of process parameters

Improving the performance of the process

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