Industrial process automation = automation + mechanics + robotics  

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Automation of the process in the field of automotive

In the automotive industry, Automaton Expert focuses on comprehensive services that fully meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

We deal with comprehensive project management from the concept stage through the detailed design, commissioning, service and further possible relocations and transfers. We focus mainly on the implementation of new products into production, but we also work on projects related to the modification of existing production systems.

Our main areas of interest are:

1. Complete robotic lines (welding, welding, riveting, gluing, assembly, etc.).

2. Complete assembly lines (modular workstations for screwing, checking, marking, riveting, gluing, etc.).

3. Specialized technological positions (finishers, stackers, etc.).

4. Special transport devices.

5. Manipulators.

During the implementation of investment processes, we put emphasis primarily on dedicated solutions, tailored to the maximum and the most effective in relation to the requirements and expectations of our clients.