Industrial process automation = automation + mechanics + robotics  

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What makes us stand out ?

  • experience - we have been participating in international projects since 1998
  • creativity
  • effectiveness
  • proven network of experienced business partners

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„The ideal automation solution is one where no component can be eliminated anymore. We strive to build simple, intuitive and effective systems”
~Maciej Wlekliński, CTO~


Industrial automation without secrets

We design professional automatic control systems based on the latest global trends with the use of innovative components from recognized companies in the field of industrial automation.
Thanks to our experience, we offer:

  • conceptual development of manufacturing technology
  • simulation of work of robots and special machines
  • optimization and selection of manufacturing technology
  • delivery of complete production system solutions
  • design documentation for control and power systems
  • software applications for SCADA and HMI systems
  • MES systems
  • robotics
  • machine safety systems and process
  • Shop Floor Data Collection System
  • assembly of automation systems
  • assembly of control cabinets
  • electrical installations, commissioning, tests, training

We have an Authorized Partner certificate - Solution Partner - by Siemen in the scope of PCS7, Simatic and HMI. This certificate is a proof of the recognition and full trust of Siemens. As the first company in Poland, we obtained the RcSI (Recognized System Integrator) status . Only companies selected and certified by Rockwell Automation are authorized to use this symbol.

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Project management

Project Managers have extensive Project Management knowledge gained from postgraduate studies, specialist courses and certification training.

  • constant supervision of resources and finances
  • full design control, more security
  • minimizing investment risks
  • increasing the chances of the project success
  • quality management and monitoring

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5 phases of the project

We divide the project into 5 key phases since it guarantees control for both sides:

  1. project initiation - goal definition
  2. planning - analysis and consultation
  3. design execution
  4. project monitoring
  5. project completion + pickup

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Process automation:

  • Robotic stations for fusing, welding, palletizing and inspection etc.
  • Pick and place and CNC manipulators.
  • Special machines dedicated to the following processes: control, assembly, marking etc.
  • Teams of special machines & ndash; complete production lines.
  • Transport devices
  • Other


We offer comprehensive solutions - ready stations and robotic lines.
The processes that we can adapt at our stations are:

  1. Welding (Mig/Mag, Tig, laser etc.)
  2. Riveting of fasteners etc.
  3. Spot welding.
  4. Projection welding.
  5. Laser or plasma cutting.
  6. Automated torsion.
  7. Application of adhesives and seals.
  8. Palletization, manipulation, segregation etc.

We have extensive experience in the implementation of this type solutions for various industries.



We offer our clients a wide range of system solutions that effectively help in the automation and optimization of production processes. In particular they are based on:

  1. Devices with a rotary table.
  2. Special presses.
  3.  CNC machines.
  4. Assembly stations.
  5. Control positions.
  6. Other.

We encourage you to see the gallery of Automaton Expert's latest projects.



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